Chastity, sex, love and relationships

sex chastity love relationships  
chastity sex love relationships

The Forgotten Virtue

Mollie Sorensen has created a book dedicated to every curious teenager who wants to hear more than "NO" and to every parent, teacher or youth leader who must answer the question, "WHY?" It shows why chastity creates more love not less.

"If sometimes you don't heed your conscience, you need to read this book"
Jack Anderson, Nationally Syndicated Columnist

"This book is a combination of good common sense and powerful logic. Its persuasive reasoning appeals to one's sense of truth. Most parents will appreciate it - no matter how libertarian - because it provides thoughtful ideas to discuss with their growing children." Victor B. Cline, Ph.D, Clinical Psychologist

This book will expose

This book will explain

  • How chastity-sex reserved for marriage-has become the forgotten virtue
  • How chastity creates a wealth of love-for friends, families and society
  • How chastity prepares for true romantic love
  • Why chastity actually enhances marital intimacy

This book examines

Chastity, sex, love and relationships