Do children need love?
Well, a little spontaneous vacation is over. We return to our neurotic and psychological sheep. The other day I received an interesting letter from one of the readers. She talks…

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The main farewell to women
When a woman behaves like a woman, a man is forced to behave like a man. Add after that, and nothing special. Every woman wants to be weak - in…

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Why dating sites does not work?
Because they all do wrong! No, they, of course, work - in the same sense in which probability theory promises that a flock of monkeys seated behind typewriters for a…

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Submit to a man

I avoided this film for about two years – the actor who plays the main role there is very unsympathetic to me. How did it happen that after all I looked at him, I don’t remember, but I really didn’t expect anything special from him. But it turned out that the film is very wow.

I watched it in the Russian dubbing – the voices and manner of speech of the characters are worked out remarkably, probably, only the original.

The film is black and white, filmed with humor and in a somewhat unconventional manner, but very harmoniously – with taste and without extravagance. It is interesting to watch it even without any psychological overtones.

What the director wanted to say with this film is not important. Maybe he wanted to show the plight and work of angels, and maybe he played his personal fantasy about a long-legged blonde, we are also more important than those images and examples that can be seen in him and in his needs.

Unfortunately, the last 10 minutes of the film, devoted to playing up to the snotty happy, spoil the overall impression a bit. For therapeutic purposes, it would be worthwhile to put an end to another place and a little differently, but nobody asked us.

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Voluntarily submit to a man

Submit to a man
The main character of the film is a man, an introvert, a loser. He is so screwed up and confused in his life that he finds himself on the bridge with the intention of drowning himself. Nothing but debts left him and he is ready to jump into the water when a woman appears next …

From the very first minutes, she forces him to act – to stop reasoning, doubting and dodging, he decided – to do it. She jumps into the water first and thus shows him an example.

Instead of reading morals, discouraging or poking his nose at her own indecisiveness, as women often do with their men, she supports his initiative and helps to take the first step. She helps him to behave like a man.

And he jumps after her – throwing all the pros and cons, forgetting that there is no swimmer out of him, he jumps from the bridge into the water to save her. And here it is not a knightly deed that is important, but the fact that he rushes forward, acts in defiance of fear and all doubts.

He pulls her out of the water, and she takes the next step — something that a woman very rarely can do, but something that every woman should learn, she puts herself in the hands of a man.

She forces him to take responsibility for the woman, but not on the conditions on which this usually happens – not so much as to blame her problems and take him under the bridle, but as an adult – in exchange for her own will. She submits to the man and thereby again drives him into a situation where he is forced to act like a man – to take clear decisions and act.

Here the most important thing is that she does not chase him with a stick, does not press on him and does not require anything. She says – “Now I am yours”, in full seriousness obeys his will, and the man finds himself in a trap – now HE is in charge, he has to make decisions and be responsible.

From a woman, this maneuver requires overcoming her own pride and readiness to stand on the throat of her own song. Every woman in a relationship with a man wants to be weak, but to be weak with all the advantages of this role, a woman needs to be very strong.

Only by learning to voluntarily give up her will in the hands of a man, a woman gets what she wants – the opportunity to be a weak and strong man next to her.

A woman “must” make every effort not to become a mother to a man, even when he himself will push her towards it. This is where all the wisdom and endurance are needed, for which a woman is able – not to defeat a man at any cost, not to subordinate him, but to surrender to him.

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