For whom women dress up?
All modern psychology began with the discovery that a person from the inside may not be at all what he is without. Poorly perceived motives, desires, hopes and tendencies affect…

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Sense of relationship
So, the problem is as follows. Human life has some meaning, and this meaning is definitely not about finding your soul mate and building relationships with it. The nature of…

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How to build and save healthy relationship
We briefly reviewed the theoretical issues of the relationship between men and women. Beginners refer to the already published articles: “Husbands and lovers are two types of men,” “What does…

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What do women desire?

In one recent film, there was an indicative scene where a man asks his girlfriend about what women want. And she reveals to him a terrible secret, which, according to her, in no case can not be disclosed. Leaning toward him, she whispers, “We have no idea what we want!”

This, of course, is not quite so. Women are fully aware of what they want. If you ask questions correctly, then it is easy to bring to the surface the set of requirements and wishes that a woman would like to present to a man.

But in every joke there is some joke. With all the transparency and obviousness of women’s desires, behind them lies a deeper and more complex motivation, in which a rare woman is aware.

But, before continuing, I must make a small reservation. The article “Why does a man have a family?” Was distributed online and caused a lot of discussion. Several times I saw the opinions of men that the article was written by a frenzied feminist who hated men. But women like this article.

This is because it is always more pleasant to discuss the shortcomings of another person. Women like to read about men’s troubles, just like men love to discuss women’s troubles.

This article is about women and written for women. But I realize that much more it will interest men, and in some women it will cause a sharp rejection. Well, nothing can be done. But still, dear women, I hope for your interest and sobriety of your perception.

The article deals with the general case of a woman with a violation of self-esteem, and the terms “pride” and “nothingness” do not bear emotional coloring.

So, if at once to cover the entire list of women’s “I want,” then it is easy to notice their inconsistency. Recalling the article about husbands and lovers, one can say that a woman expects from a man the simultaneous manifestation of both patterns of behavior, which, by definition, is impossible. No living man can cover the entire list of women’s requirements. In the best case, only half of it.

But neither men nor women are aware of this. Every woman is looking for a magical prince who will embody all the features and properties that she needs. And men, not understanding what is happening, break themselves to please a woman or rebel against the demands to change. But the outcome is always the same – the relationship, which, perhaps, began as a fairy tale and a gift of fate, turns out to be destroyed.

A woman does not understand her own contradictions and cannot give up her desires. Rather, she will blame her man for not loving her enough to change. But even if a man indulges her desires, even that does not suit her. A subordinate man is no longer needed by a woman, and then a new round of accusations begins – now in weakness. So as long as the relationship does not scatter to shreds.

The theme of the contradictory nature of a woman deserves all the books that have been written about her. The mystery of the female soul is an eternal question for both halves of humanity. Let’s try to figure out what’s going on here.

Origin of Women’s Requirements
For centuries, marriage for a woman was quite a pragmatic step. Giving herself to a man, a woman shifted responsibility for his survival and well-being to him. This was considered the norm and has been consistently cultivated from generation to generation.

The parents themselves were looking for their daughters for a successful, from their point of view, party. After all, if a son could stand up and provide for his parents’ old age, then nothing like that could be expected from their daughters.

In social life, a woman for a long time had only a “subordinate” meaning. Therefore, parents tried to quickly marry their daughter to the maximum benefit for themselves. In this way, they took care of her from their shoulders, and with proper luck, used their female attractiveness with pleasure as a chance to intermarry with a richer and more influential family.

From the point of view of the woman herself, there was nothing humiliating in this situation. Marriage was a deal in which a woman received material and social benefits in exchange for the right to possess herself. Love, respect and affection could participate in this, but they were never a necessary attribute.

But with the advent of new times, when the relationship between a man and a woman began to rely more and more on the principle of mutual pleasure, and the woman gained and affirmed the right to complete her social independence, the institution of marriage found itself in an interesting situation.

The criterion for choosing a marriage partner was “love” – an ephemeral complex of emotional experiences, which is now put above all reasonable arguments. And although no one really has a clue about what this “love” is, it attaches so much importance that a relationship without love already seems unthinkable. A marriage of convenience, which has always been a normal and natural phenomenon, is now condemned as mercantile and insensitive.

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